PRINCIPAL DEVOTIONS FROM THE REVELATIONS of MANDURIA (Italy) to DEBORA (from 1992) DEVOTION TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY'S TEARS The Blessed Virgin Mary to Debora:"The devotion to my Tears will save the world. They will be the last hope! Let the place where the Lady of the Holy Oil spoke and made herself know be significant. l revealed Myself to the world through the Holy Olive Garden Grove as the Spring of Everlasting Unction, and l wish this Spring to be extended to everybody. Do not neglect the devotion to my Tears. Let them be your strength and courage to answer the call of my Divine Son. l am the Virgin of the Eucharist and of the Great Reparation ... God wants Me to be known and honoured under these titles. It is the devotion which will save Italy from the great spiritual decadence! Nowadays, all over the world, nobody gives proper importance to the Eucharist and to its worship, but l say to you: the Eucharist and my Tears will save the world from a huge disaster ... The devotion l am asking of you now will be the concluding one and will have a powerful effect in terms of grace." (Message of 6 June1997) "Your prayer with your families (through its mediation) will break the chains of hatred and discord... l have told you thousands of times to pray the Rosary with the powerful invocation to my Tears, now l say to you: reparation, reparation, reparation! ...Let my image find a place in every family, the unction will be its armour..." (Message of October 23, 2001)Jesus: "Have you not heard that l am about to re-establish my relationship with you, because l am obliged to do so through the pure Tears that the Most Holy Virgin Mary offers Me in Reparation?" The Blessed Virgin's tears are tears of blood because of her total sharing in her Son's sufferings and, in Him, because of all the people who continue to reject Him. They are tears of oil as a prophetic sign, as a balm that soothes, as an anointing unction that confirms again and prepares hearts for consecration. THE ROSARY OF TEARS The Blessed Virgin to Debora: "My daughter, so as not to confuse my Work, since it is so singular and particular, l will give you these important instructions and you will establish that the Rosary of Tears must be prayed in the following way": (Message of March 4, 1998) O p e n i n g p r a y e r: Father, Just, True and Perfect, with the offering of Mary's suffering, the Most Holy One among the saints, close to the Cross during her earthly life and now in Heaven, deign to accept my humble prayer. On the 7 (single) beads of the "Pater noster": O! Jesus, remember the Tears of Blood and Oil of the One who loved You most on earth! R: And now loves you most ardently in Heaven. On the 7 small beads: O! Jesus, hear our prayers and requests. R: For the sake of the Tears of blood and oil and the sufferings that Your Most Holy Mother offered for us! Last prayer (three times): O! Jesus, remember the Tears of Blood and Oil of the One who loved You most on earth! On the Medal: O! Mother of God and our Mother, may your Tears anoint us and confirm us as Your children in the solemn Consecration that we offer You through our devotion. Amen. Amen. Amen.O! Virgin of the Eucharist, intercede for us and for the whole world. PRAYER OF REPARATION "Most loving Heart of Jesus (King of Revelation), for Your sufferings on the Cross, in this time of darkness be the Light for mankind" (Message of April 20-21, 1993) NOVENA PRAYER TO OUR LADY OF TEARS DICTATED BY St. PIO FOR HIS SPIRITUAL CHILDREN: "Our Lady of Tears, we need You, we need the light that comes from your motherly kindness, the consolation that your Heart gives, the peace whose Queen You are, the reparation and prayer whose Teacher you are. We entrust our needs and sufferings to You as You can help us to overcome them, our bodies as you can heal them, our hearts as You can fill them with charity and contrition, our souls as they can be saved. Remember, O! Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart, that because of your holy tears Jesus never refuses you anything. O! powerful Mother, may your tears mingle with ours, so that your Divine Son will give us the grace we so ardently ask for... O! Most lovely Virgin, Servant of the Eucharist, Tabernacle of Mercy, have mercy on us!". DEVOTION TO OUR LADY, FOUNT OF THE HOLY OIL of THE EVERLASTING UNCTION Jesus to Debora: "O!, the pure Oil of confirmation, the Holy Oil of the consecration, the Oil of reparation against the attacks of hell, the Oil, "fount of tears", that heals those who are so far away from Grace!... In the past My Mother gave springs of water so that mankind could discover its mission as a baptised people, born again through Grace. Nowadays She sends you the Oil so that you can discover the power of the Holy Spirit in every good action you perform. The Oil will confirm you with the burning Fire of the Grace of the Holy Spirit and will make you a witness of the New Evangelization" (Message July 16, 1998) PRAYER DURING THE ANOINTING "Mary, Mother of the Blessed Olive Tree, Jesus, Most Holy Virgin of the Oil, touch us, love us and heal our hearts in your way with your love" (Message of July 3, 1994)Make the sign of the Cross five times with the blessed Oil to honour the Wounds of Jesus Christ: on the forehead, mouth, heart (at the base of the neck), and on the palms of the hands. One can repeat the anointing every day: it consoles heavy hearts and it becomes the means of grace in the healing of physical and spiritual ailments. The gift of the Oil comes from the tears or the effusion coming from the face of Our Lady's statue. The tears of the Eternal Bearer of Jesus are there to confirm us in Jesus Christ and to protect us against the direct and indirect attacks of Satan, which have intensified in these Last Times, and to help us gain Eternal Life. One can also perform the anointing on oneself with the intention of helping other souls. SHORT ACT OF CONSECRATION Jesus to Debora: "My Virgin Mother is the source of true Christian maturity which dispels every mistake, doubt, and fear in the hearts of those who place their trust in Her, because She shares her virtues with her children." (Message of November 2, 1999)"O! Immaculate Heart, Mother of my God, Fount of the Holy Oil of the Everlasting Unction, as a great sinner l ask You to reveal your Secret to me and to consecrate me to You now." (Message of May 30, 1995) PRAYER TO INVOKE THE HOLY SPIRIT The Most Holy Virgin to Debora: "Mychildren, in order to feel the Love of the Father and to understand His plans for you, you must invoke the Holy Spirit so that your spirit might open to a more expeditious conversation in prayer. For this purpose, l offer you this prayer" (Message of May 23, 1998)"Come sweet Spirit who sanctifies and purifies our hearts! With Your Fire, send to the world Mary, the Fount of the Holy Oil, so that everyone will be wrapped in Her mantle.". DEVOTION TO THE HOLY FACE OF JESUS, KING OF REVELATION The Most Holy Virgin to Debora: "l desire whole days of prayer before the sorrowful face of My Son." (Message of September 1, 1994)Jesus: "If you honour Me before My Sorrowful Face, through you l will pour out upon the world My Precious Blood (a swelling appears clearly on His bleeding face... the contusion is between the nose and the right cheekbone). This contusion which causes Me such intense pain is due to the painful blow inflicted upon Me by the soldier. You must spread the devotion to it, and for My merits in enduring the pain l will f ree people from suffering." (Message of April 27, 1997) On Holy Thursday 1997 Debora had a touching vision. Jesus was before her, lying on the ground as if He was dead. Then He raised His eyes towards her, showing His divine suffering. His Adorable Face was covered with contusions: one of His cheekbones was particularly swollen and bleeding because it had been disfigured by a blow inflicted by a Roman soldier after the scourging to make Him stand up. By honouring Jesus particularly on account of this Wound we enhance the knowledge of His sufferings and take part in the Redemption. As the Spirit suggests, in this we receive the supernatural fruits of the promise He made. PRAYER VENERATING THE WOUND ON JESUS' RIGHT CHEEK Jesus to Debora: "l have no preferences, l love you all and l pity your condition which has robbed you of your royal dignity." (Message of 25 August 1998)"Sweet Jesus, My Lord, when contemplating Your Face so disfigured by hatred, the extent of Your sufferings, in which all of mankind is immersed, appears very evident to me. Today You appeal to me with Your expression manifesting the endless suffering that l see in Your Face, swollen, reviled and disfigured. Here l am, poor as l am, and l can see before me another sign of Your richness, of how You want to heal the world: through the wound on Your right cheek. My gaze is arrested; my anxieties are silenced; my human yearnings are quenched, and my weak humanity has regained strength. O! precious Wound that exhales the divine desire to offer mankind love, forgiveness and healing, give me unflagging patience for the sanctifying path of the trial that l must face up to! Remembering your suffering because of the painful blow inflicted on Your unblemished rose coloured cheekbone, release within me an inexhaustible source of grace to follow You, persevering in Your footsteps. O! Love Who is not loved, let me bow down to receive in my soul the Divine Blood that flows from Your unknown Wound.Free me from every fault that comes from as far back as the 7th generation! Purify my language inspired by a materialistic way of thinking! Free my mind from memories and thoughts that continue to disturb me because of the sins that l have committed.O! dear Jesus, thank You for revealing to me the treasures hidden in the veneration of this Wound, which fills me with joy to honour every day of my life as a sign of Your living and active presence in the Church.l now lower my eyes and kiss You because l have complete faith in Your promises, and l say to You: whenever You want, wherever You want, and as You want, come and visit me with Your Passion, Your Power and Your Glory. Amen." (prayer from Debora's meditations) THE PRAYER OF TRIUMPH "Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, united and triumphant, we praise You and bless You. Let the flame of Your Love burn in our hearts!" (Message of March 23, 1998) LOVING, ADORING, MAKING REPARATION and LIVING the EUCHARIST Jesus to Debora: "I said 'l am the Living Bread that has come down from Heaven". l did not say "l am the first fruit of the natural harvest" (Message of November 26, 1995) "l am looking for those in your days who can serve Me as disciples, adore Me as the Magi, make reparation as the consoling Angels, and love Me as a child who needs gentleness and every kind of care" (Message of September 14, 1998) The Angels: "Because of the lack of respect for the Blessed Sacrament the nation will face a very severe punishment as never seen before. Men must change and make the most of the presence of Our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist" (Message of April 23, 1997) The revelations of Manduria are very significant and underline the living and active presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Indeed the dialogue between God and his young creature has been called by Divine Wisdom a "Eucharistic Hymn to his Church".Since the beginning of Her manifestations, God's Mother Herself has called it "the last of the public Apparitions", "the most profound", in view of Reparation made to the Blessed Eucharist. She introduces Herself as the "Mother of Jesus, Eucharistic Love Who is Unloved and Profaned, Virgin and Lady of Eucharist, Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix". For these reasons we believe that Mary's appeal, in the very "heel" of Italy, is not only an important and historically symbolical warning, but a message which, if heeded, can become a formidable instrument anticipating the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, of which we are certain (the promise of Fatima). For further information about the 5 books 'REVEALED WISDOM of the LIVING GOD', the messages of Jesus, King of Revelation, and Mary, Virgin of the Eucharist, to Debora (from 1992 till …), contact: info@)verginedelleucharistia.net or sftkog@gmail.com.
Boek IV Boodschap woensdag 4 maart 1998 Het is vroeg in de morgen. Een zeer helder licht neemt bezit van mijn gezicht, van mijn slaperige ogen en, alsof ik teder gekust word, voel ik rillingen door mijn hele lichaam gaan en word ik wakker. Voor mij staat de allermooiste Vrouwe in volle majesteit en alsof zij op een troon gezeten is, kijkt Zij mij aan klaar om te spreken. M: "Ik zegen je, dierbaar kind." D: "Mijn Vrouwe en mijn Koningin, wat verlangt U?" Ik stap uit bed en ik kniel neer. M: "Ik wil dat je mij een dienst verleent." D: "O, natuurlijk." M: "Ik zou willen dat jij niet zou vergeten wat Ik je zeg." D: "Ik zal het niet vergeten." M: "lk heb je gezegd dat Mijn Tranendevotie de wereld zou redden van grote geestelijk verval en in het bijzonder jouw land. Mijn kind, opdat Mijn Werk hier duidelijk aan het licht komt, geef Ik jou omwille van haar buitengewone en unieke karakter de volgende belangrijke aanwijzingen.Jij zult aangeven dat de Rozenkrans als volgt gebeden wordt:" TRANENROZENKRANS (1) M: “Op de kralen van het Onze Vader moet men toevoegen: ‘omwille van de Tranen van Bloed en Olie.’ Op de kleine kralen zal men toevoegen: ‘omwille van de Tranen van Bloed en Olie en de smarten van Uw Allerheiligste Moeder, voor ons geofferd.‘ en zo zal men eindigen met dezelfde aanroepingen, drie keer ter ere van de Allerheiligste Drievuldigheid ... En men zal besluiten met: ‘Moge Uw Tranen, O Moeder van God en Onze Moeder, ons zalven en bekrachtigen als Uw kinderen door de plechtige consecratie, die wij U door deze Godsvrucht aanbieden. Amen. Amen. Amen.’” M: “Ik zegen jou in Jezus' Naam. Tot gauw. Wacht op Mij." DE TRANENROZENKRANS (2) Openingsgebed ‘Rechtvaardige Vader, Waarachtig en Volmaakt, door het smartelijke offer door Maria, de Heilige onder de heiligen, tijdens het aardse leven aan de voet van het Kruis en vandaag in de Hemel, wil mijn nederige smeekbede aanvaarden.’ Bij de zeven kralen van het Onze Vader. ‘O Jezus, herinner U de Tranen van Bloed en Olie van Haar die U boven alles beminde op aarde en die U nog vuriger liefheeft in de Hemel.’ Bij de kleine kralen: ‘O Jezus, verhoor onze smeekbeden en verzoeken, omwille van de Tranen van Bloed en Olie, en de smarten van Uw Allerheiligste Moeder, voor ons geofferd.’ Op het einde driemaal: O Jezus, denk aan de Tranen van Bloed en Olie van Haar die U boven alles op aarde heeft bemind!’ Bij de medaille: ‘Moge Uw Tranen, o Moeder van God en onze Moeder, ons zalven en bekrachtigen als Uw kinderen door de plechtige Toewijding die wij U door deze godsvrucht aanbieden, Amen. Amen. Amen.’
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