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The True Life In God - messages on Garabandal "I, the Lord, bless My children of Garabandal;"
Foto of Vassula and Conchita Gonzales from Garabandal - New York - July 18, 1991
EXTRACTS from the TLIG-messages on GARABANDAL “Garabandal is the sequel of other signs; Garabandal's apparitions are authentic,” “I have manifested Myself through you to lift this doubt of Garabandal; Garabandal's apparitions are authentic and My children have indeed seen My Mother and heard Her Messages;” “Vassula, Garabandal is the Sequel of Miracles, in between these Miracles I have been giving other signs;” “write; Lourdes, then Fatima, I want you to write now Garabandal in San Sebastian; Glorify Me! remember I am the Light of this world;” “Vassula, Garabandal's apparitions of Myself and My Mother should be authenticated; hear Me, Vassula, every time My Mother appeared to My chosen souls illuminating them with Her grace, I stood beside Her, but no eye could see Me; I sometimes appeared as an infant to bless those that glorified Me;” “daughter, I wish that these places of apparitions are honoured more; I wish that the Holy See would honour Me by blessing those Sacred places; Vassula, I do not mean Lourdes and Fatima, I mean Garabandal as well; I come to glorify Garabandal's apparitions;” “Vassula, yes, it is I, your Mother; I have appeared to My children of Garabandal; I let them see Me and hear Me; I have appeared to them and they know it; I want you to bless them;” “My remnant, all I ask of you is love; love Me; diffuse My words which are: "I, the Lord,bless My children of Garabandal,I love them" “together Vassula, together you and I will sanctify Garabandal; for Holy it is, 1 since My Mother and I appeared; let it be known all over, diffuse My words: "I, the Lord, bless My children of Garabandal;" I want them to hear Me; oh Vassula, how I long for this;” “I shall remind them of their sins of the past, 2 I will remind them the urgency of Garabandal's Message;” “I want them to repent, they defied My Mother's Message of Garabandal, never diffusing It like It should have been, ignoring its urgency; O 4 what have I got, Vassula! stones, their hearts are petrified; accept the Truth! open your hearts! Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima! do not repeat your errors!... - Peter! 5 Peter be My Echo! feed My lambs Peter, do not deny Me again, beloved;” “Garabandal's Message is authentic and should be diffused and honoured; sanctify Garabandal; can you not see or understand that your errors are being repeated? you are repeating your errors of Fatima; O creation, when will you believe in Me? "ie emphanises itan"; 1” "daughter, beloved, sanctify Garabandal; I have appeared in Garabandal, giving My Message; My Message was not properly diffused; many sacerdotals have denied My Apparitions, thus refusing Us a place in their heart; but I have not forgotten My beloved children; there were times where they themselves doubted, and falling into confusion, denied My Apparitions; this was given as a similitude; it is to show My children 4 how and what a confusion reigns in the Church of today; I have promised that I will confirm My Apparitions of Garabandal; the hours are fleeing and My Messages were not diffused properly, neither has My Holiness been honoured;" "the confusion of Garabandal was given as a similitude, to show how My Church of today is confused; it is reigning in confusion;" “yes, Vassula, satisfy My thirst; treat Me as King; honour Me, your God; never rebel against Me; sanctify your body to honour My Presence in you; beloved, come, all that is hidden will soon come to light; My Divine Hand will lift the cover and I shall reveal to you all that has been hidden; Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima and My reign will reign forever for I Am; I am the Alpha and the Omega;” “Fatima's Shrine cries out for the sanctification of Garabandal; I have taught you to read the Signs of the Times, are you looking for those Signs? how can you not tell the Signs? have you no perception? why are your minds closed? why do you refuse to see? why do you refuse to hear? have you forgotten My Words? why repeat your mistakes? beloved, why all these venomous attacks on the Message of Garabandal given by your Holy Mother who is the Ark of Alliance of My Word to you; the opposition My sacerdotals have towards Garabandal's apparitions and message are all manoeuvres of Satan; once again as in Fatima, he is trying to prevent My Message from becoming universal;” “have you not understood that Satan knowing the value of My Salvation Plan given through My Mother at Garabandal to mere children, is trying once again to erase My Plan? thus leaving you all in darkness to fall; Satan is redoubling his efforts more than ever now to triumph over your Holy Mother, manoeuvring My Church to deny these apparitions which are the sequel of Fatima's Message of Salvation; Satan, in his fury, is trying to prevent you from feeding upon Me;” “blessed are the simple in heart, blessed are those who will pray the Rosary on the day of Garabandal's sanctification 2 and whose knees are bent and hail My Mother; blessed are those who will carry My Cross of Peace and Love, uniting; blessed are My sheep who return to Peter; blessed are those who humble themselves and follow My example; blessed are those who follow My command and love one another as I love you; blessed are those who bear witness of Me and are not scandalised of Me;” “Lord,   I'm   worrying,   because   You   asked   me   to   bless   Your   children   of   Garabandal   and   let   them   know   of Your   Message;   then   allow   the   authorities   to   read   how   to   start   uniting;   then   ask   them   to   sanctify Garabandal   and   make   them   understand   that   Garabandal   is   the   sequel   of   Fatima.   Then   of   how   offended St.   Mary   is   for   not   honouring   her   apparitions   in   Garabandal,   repeating   the   error   of   Fatima..   Oh   Lord, then   now,   Russia   and   You   keep   hinting   to   me   all   along   that   it   is   to   Your   servant   John   Paul   II   that   I   must hand   over   the   Message   and   I   have   done   NOTHING   of   all   this!   Your   Word   is   on   me   and   it   is   heavy   to bear... “ “flower, have faith in Me, pray; Vassula, pray, My Vassula, for the world to open their eyes and hear with their ears; Justice will prevail; perverted creation! even Sodom's sins will appear less perverted in comparison to yours; her sins are great but yours have pierced eternity! Garabandal shall not be buried; Garabandal's graces shall re-live!” "I will revive My Church with My Power; flower, I will be the One who will bless My children of Garabandal; “I had asked you to sanctify Garabandal; I have lifted you there and now you have done it;” “I bless My dear children of Garabandal; learn that I Am is by your side;”
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